The Grace Outlet Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) church was started in 2009 by a group of people who wanted to do church differently.

These people wanted to live out their faith through meaningful relationships, community service, and relevant and life changing worship. This purpose continues to describe the church to this day. The church family has been active in service in downtown Reading in many different forms since it began. You can find members working with the GO Community Center at the Children’s Home of Reading, Opportunity House, passing out lunches downtown, or singing songs and visiting with residents at assisted living facilities.

Children are a major focus of our church. Each month there is an entire day dedicated to kids. We call it Kid’s Jam, and we go all out. The day starts with a special breakfast for kids, and then they journey to our kid’s area and find it transformed into a special experience that is related to our quarterly theme where they learn special Bible lessons and play games to teach them more about God. The day continues with a worship service in front of the whole church by the kids, for the kids. Grace Outlet Kids play the music, run the A/V, and even preach the sermon. The afternoon includes service at Phoebe Home, and an afternoon of games.

Besides our weekend youth gatherings, GO Kid’s Ignite, is a youth group like no other. Kids meet weekly to get to know each other better and to work on Scout-like activities that earn them badges to add to their collection.

Why Saturday?

The GO Church believes that God placed a very special blessing on the Seventh day and that it is reserved for worship, rest, service, and family (Gen. 2:1-3; Ex. 20:8-11). If you would like to find out more about the denomination click here, or email our pastor.

Worship Service

We meet for worship service on Saturday Mornings.

For adults, Bible study begins at 10:00am, and church begins at 11 am.

Our worship style can be described as a mixture of traditional and contemporary, and people are encouraged to dress in what makes them most comfortable in church.

Can't make it to church, but would like to watch online?

We Live Stream our church service beginning at 11:00am every Saturday.